July - October 2018

Team: Solo

Created custom web automation and data collection software for growth-stage startups.

Right after graduating from high school, I was approached to “scrape” some publicly available data for a startup.

I quickly realized that this was a significant need for quite a few local companies and created Ignytion.

Value Proposition

Ignytion automates repetitive tasks so that founders can focus on adding value through critical thinking and problem solving.

The Projects

I worked with business in industries like marketing, med-tech, education, and chatbots.

The data also varied in source, quantity, and means of collection. For example, pulling data from publicly available demographic data is completely different from automating lead generation.

Let’s do a deep dive into that lead generation project.

Automating Lead Gen

This is a dream come true for any sales team. Having done my own lead gen and sales before working at hostmost, I know how brutal it can be. That’s why I set out to create a script that could do it automatically.

My client wanted to find web design and marketing agencies that catered to a specific website niche.

First, I ran through the process my client was manually performing at the time to see exactly how high the potential was for complete automation. I defined potential blockers and drew out the flow of interaction.

leadgen flow
Visualizing the flow of data is the first step to creating a truly encapsulated automation solution.

I mainly use three tools in my work: Scrapy, Splash, and Selenium.

We’ll get to each of them, but first to scrape google I needed to use selenium. Selenium mimics a human interacting with the browser, allowing my laptop to “click” on the searchbar, type in a city, and save the top search results into a doc for me.

With the list of search results accumulated, I could use scrapy and splash to load each individual webpage that I scraped from Google and search for common patterns that web design agencies leave on their website.

Something like...

⚡ by Scalar

Usually these included a hyperlink to the agency’s website. The software then compiled those links into one spot and then I delivered it to my client’s sales team.

Comparing the web scraping process to the manual process, this software accelerated lead generation by over 600%.

Saving weeks of time for some pour soul who was going to do all those Google searches manually.